We are always seeking competitive new suppliers for the equipment, materials, etc. listed below.
This is not a request for a proposal or a quotation, but an invitation for you to provide information pertinent to these items.

Equipment & Material for Purchasing

  • Power Generating Plant
  • Substation & Switchgear
  • Industrial Plant
  • Nuclear Power Plant
  • Environmental & Public Facilities
  • Airport Facilities etc.

For Electrical

1. Transformers

Oil-immersed Transformers
Dry-type Transformers
SF6 Gas-insulated Transformers
Potential & Current Transformers

2. Circuit Breakers

Oil Circuit Breakers
Magne-blast Circuit Breakers
Gas Circuit Breakers
Vacuum Circuit Breakers
Air Circuit Breakers
Molded-case Circuit Breakers
DC Circuit Breaker
Generator Circuit Breakers

3. Disconnecting Switches

Disconnecting Switches, Switches & Fuses

4. Switchgear

GIS Cubicles
Metal-clad Switchgear
Load Center / Power Centers
Motor Control Centers
Distribution Panels

5. Batteries & Chargers

DC Power Supply Systems & Batteries, Chargers
Lead Acid Storage Batteries & Chargers
Alkaline Storage Batteries & Chargers
Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems
Automatic Voltage Regulators

6. Control Panels

Control Panels / Instrument Panels
Computer Control Systems
Process Input & Output Panels
Process Controllers
Distributed Control and Information Systems


Total Supervisory & Control Systems
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems

8. Communication Systems

Telephones & Facsimiles
Industrial TVs
Telecontroller Systems
Radio Communication Systems
Power Line Carrier Communication Equipment
Multiplexing Communication Equipment
Paging Systems

9. Emergency Diesel Engine Generators

Stand-by Diesel Engine Generators
Black Start Diesel Engine Generators

10. Electrical Materials

Power Cables
Control Cables
Conduit Pipes
Cable Trays
Earthing Materials
Lighting Fixtures

For Mechanical

1. Gas Turbines/Generators & Steam Turbines/Generators

Gas Turbine Generator Sets
Intake Air Filter Compartments
Intake Ducts
Intake Silencers
Intake Plenums
Exhaust Frames
Exhaust Diffusers
Exhaust Ducts
Exhaust Silencers
Duct Expansion Joints
Torque Converters
Steam Turbine Generator Sets

2. Boilers

CFB Boilers
Heat Recovery Steam Generators
Auxiliary Boilers
HRSG Inlet & Outlet Ducts
Exhaust Stacks

3. Heat Exchangers

Fin-fan Heat Exchangers
Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
Feedwater Heaters
Plate Heat Exchangers
Air-cooled Heat Exchangers

4. Pumps

Centrifugal Pumps
Boiler Feedwater Pumps
Condensate Pumps
Closed Cycle Cooling Water Pumps
Circulating Water Pumps
Axial Flow Pumps
Reciprocating Pumps
Chemical Dosing Pumps
Oil Pumps
Vacuum Pumps

5. Compressors

Air Compressors
Gas Compressors

6. Condensers

Surface Condensers
Gland Steam Condensers
Condenser Tube Cleaning Systems
Condenser Air Removal Equipment
Air Cooled Condensers

7. Cooling Towers & Coolers

Cooling Towers
Water Coolers
Oil Coolers

8. Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Systems
Chlorination Systems
Demineralized Water Systems
Condensate Demineralizers
Wastewater Treatment Systems
Chemical Dosing Systems

9. Tanks

Water Tanks
Fuel Oil Tanks
Oil Water Separator

10. Steel Structures

Steel Structures
Equipment Frames
IPB Frames
NPB Frames
Bus Duct Frames
GIS Bases
Transformer Bases
Channel Bases

11. Piping Materials

Carbon Steel Pipes
Alloy Steel Pipes
Stainless Steel Pipes
Fittings (Elbows, Tees, Flanges, Reducers)
Valves (H/O, A/O, M/O, Control, etc.)
Specialty (Strainers, Traps, Expansion Joints, Orifices)
Hanger or Pipe Support

12. Plant Facilities

Overhead Travelling Cranes
Gantry Cranes
Workshop Equipment
Fire Protection
Cathodic Protection