Our business is primarily the construction of the social infrastructure underpinning industry and society, including power plants, power receiving and transforming facilities, water and sewage facilities, transportation facilities, and factory and building facilities. Through the provision of our systems and services, we are committed to the construction of social infrastructure that ensures safety, security, and comfort for individuals, as well as for industry and society.

Power Generation Systems

Extensive experience with EPCC projects for commercial thermal power plants both in Japan and abroad, using products from manufacturers around the world

We offer engineering, construction, and field services, encompassing nuclear, thermal, hydroelectric and electrical distribution facilities.
Our global EPCC business is continually expanding both in Japan and abroad, particularly for thermal power facilities. We have achieved many results in this field through application of engineering that incorporates products and technologies from around the world, driven by global procurement.

Social Infrastructure Facilities

Reliable advanced technology and extensive experience underpinning everyday life

As a proud member of the Toshiba Group, we are engaged in engineering, installation, and maintenance of water and sewage systems, railroad facilities, and other infrastructures. We enjoy the confidence of our clients and offer systems that underpin everyday life.

General Industrial Facilities

Providing production facilities on an EPCC basis and mega-solar systems

We provide various technologies, products, and services that meet general industrial needs, encompassing all aspects of EPCC services including the construction of factories and the provision of manufacturing and auxiliary equipment; clean energy generation such as industrial solar photovoltaic and biomass power generation; and ICT solutions including integrated security monitoring & control systems. We always offer solutions that totally satisfy our clients.